Media Planning Opportunities in Mumbai



Advertising Platform Why Media Buying?

Mumbai,the capital of Maharashtra,is the pride of India.The energy of the city is unparallel to any other in the country.With its large, young and dynamic population in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, it has all the ingredients to become a world city.releaseMyAd, with its innovative advertising techniques provides its clients the best offers and optimum prices to book space and time slots in cinema, radio, newspapers as well as on the web. We chalk out the best solutions to meet your buying needs and our experts help to maximize your reach,thereby boosting your return on investment!

Media Coverage Area in Mumbai


Newspaper View Rates
  • Main Edition
  • 20cm X 12cm Ad
  • Any Page

The Times Of India :

Rs. 177,600

Loksatta :

Rs. 105,600

  • 15 Secs Jingle
  • 7 Spots/Day
  • 7 Days

radio city :

Rs. 80850

big fm 92.7 :

Rs. 110,250

  • 20 Seconds
  • Audio Slide
  • 15 Days

big cinemas :


pvr cinemas(lower parrel (w)-phoenix mills) :


  • 100+ Websites
  • 10000 Impressions
  • 100 Clicks

Google Search Advertising :

Rs. 5000

Display Network Advertising :

Rs. 10,000

Which media is good for which budget?


Media Buying is one of the most crucial aspects of an advertising campaign. The primary focus of any advertising campaign is to reach potential prospects, after which comes the conversion part. To reach the right kind of prospects, you need to target the right focus group through the right medium, and we at releaseMyAd help you in negotiating the best rates for your campaign in Mumbai.

Most occasionally, advertisers launch an ad campaign to serve either of the following purposes - Branding, Brand Awareness and Sales.

Branding:  Generally involves a campaign in a grand scale with the sole purpose of informing and enticing prospects about a new product or service. Due to the needed scale of the campaign, the budget is quite high, and the use of media such as radio, cinema and the internet, specifically social media marketing and website advertising is regular and advised. Thanks to Mumbai’s abundant resources in the form of advertising opportunities, these campaign can be conducted freely and with no holds barred, geared for success in large scale.

Brand Awareness: Brand awareness involves brand reinforcement and reiteration, and can be done in a cyclical fashion by employing more traditional media such as newspapers, magazines or simple radio ads. The budget for these campaigns is considerably lower, and yet reflects no compromise on the results. Whereas branding is all about the presence, brand awareness is about planning and being clever.

Sales: The scale and budget of a Sales campaign is usually dependent on the organization and the product/service that is being advertised. Likewise, media options differ significantly depending on the focus group of the product/service. Thankfully, Mumbai has many efficient media vehicles that can be utilized by a carefully constructed and meticulously designed media plan.